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The way your system handles incoming information and how it is shared with your colleagues can reveal a lot about your business.

There are a lot of cautionary tales about seemingly professional businesses that still keep information crucial for everyday use in the form of offline documents that are only accessible to a handful of co-workers.

This approach is not only severely outdated, but also a major security risk.

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Digital development - RAAB SOFTWARE Kft.

What other benefits do company-specific registries offer? What advantages do they have compared to more traditional approaches?

The main advantage of web-based applications is the fact that they allow important work documents to be accessed at any time and from any place, as long as you have access to an internet browser and the authorization necessary. Storing information in the form of offline documents is a thing of the past, especially with the increased number of people working from home.

It is crucial for all co-workers to keep track of the current status of the tasks related to their jobs and be able to communicate with each other. A web-based registry can be customized according to the needs of the company and the company manager, in order to keep record of various partners, to create databases make tasks such as warehouse management much easier to handle.

Our previous work included the creation appointment, timesheet and paid leave management systems, all with user-friendly interfaces and in a style that matched the image of the respective companies.

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